The BSM Car Park Network continues to move forward in promoting the use of bicycles with the creation of new Biciparks, the secure and exclusive bicycle parking areas within BSM Car Parks which, in addition to growing in size, have a new image to improve the user experience. 
With the aim of continuing to contribute to an improved management of public space and to offer comfortable and secure areas for bicycle users, the current offer of secure bicycle parking spaces will be increased with the creation of 3 new Biciparks.
To be exact, secure and exclusive areas for bicycles will be established in the following car parks: BSM Gràcia Motos, BSM Sant Andreu Teatre and BSM Travessera de Dalt. In total, there will be 3 new Biciparks, each initially with 50 places.
The 3 new Biciparks are in addition to the 7 that have been in operation since last year, making a total of 335 spaces: BSM Hospital del Mar, BSM Illa Borbó, BSM Estació del Nord, BSM Mercat de la Boqueria, BSM Plaça Joanic, BSM Plaça Naves and BSM Mercat de Sant Antoni. The average occupancy of the 7 Biciparks is 80% and there are 276 registered users.
In addition to the Biciparks, BSM Car Parks have for years had about 579 conventional parking spaces for bicycles. This service has an average occupancy rate of 68% and around 392 registered users.
A convenient place to leave bicycles that also improves the management of public space
As well as improving the experience of people who move around the city by bicycle, Biciparks contribute to better management of public space, freeing up space for pedestrians on the pavements. 
Following the model of the Biciparks already in operation, the new exclusive bicycle parking places in the B:SM Car Parks will be monitored by video surveillance and will require ID to access the area, allowing entry only to those entitled to use this exclusive zone: people who are subscribers of the BSM Car Park Network bicycle option and those using the bicycle parking service by the day or hour. In the Biciparks, bicycles must be chained to the assigned place and users have access to a pump to inflate the tyres. Furthermore, these spaces will soon be equipped with a small bicycle repair and maintenance station with basic equipment, thereby contributing to safer mobility.
We continue working to offer the users of the BSM Car Park Network a better experience


Commercial information
Commercial information
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