SMOU, the app that brings together different personal mobility services and makes it easier for the citizens of Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area to get around, continues to contribute to the transformation of mobility. Currently, more than 100,000 people use the app to pay for their stays by the minute in the BSM car parks. The app achieves these figures after the digital ticket service, Parking via app, registered at November 30, 2022, a 66% growth in number of users and a 82% growth in digital tickets from January 2022.

This service, available in the 42 car parks in the BSM network, allows you to pay for your stay by the minute via smou, without having to take a paper ticket or go to the cash machine. At the same time, it facilitates the automatic lifting of the barrier by reading the number plate. All this has turned the application into a convenient, practical and secure payment method, which saves time and contributes to saving paper. In addition, smou contributes to improving mobility in the city, as it speeds up the process of entering and leaving car parks, minimising waiting times and traffic jams.

B:SM's commitment to growing the number of digital tickets is also reflected in the current 30% discount for paying by the minute at BSM Car Parks via smou.

A more organised mobility in a single application

smou puts a multitude of services that promote planned, organised, safe, digital, connected and integrated mobility within the reach of everyone in a single application. In just three years, more than 745,000 people use the application every day to move around the city and the Metropolitan Area, contributing to sustainability.

Currently, smou makes it possible to locate regulated parking zones and pay parking meters in the Green and Blue Area of Barcelona and 10 metropolitan municipalities. It also makes it easier to locate and access BSM car parks by reading number plates, without having to take a ticket or go to the cash machine. It is also the official application for booking and using Bicing and Endolla Barcelona electric charging points.

Among other mobility services, it provides information on the city's cycle lanes and allows you to plan the most suitable route. It is also prepared to activate the Municipal Towing Service's warning in the event of a vehicle being moved or removed that has been previously registered in the application. On the other hand, smou's dynamic map incorporates information on the vehicles of carsharing operators and the location of the bikes and bikes of bike-sharing service operators officially licensed by Barcelona City Council.

The app will continue to grow with the aim of improving and facilitating your personal mobility.