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  1. BSM Basic Park Vall d’Hebron doubles its number of parking spaces

    This is a pioneer model for all car parks run by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM) to help reduce traffic in the city centre.

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  2. BSM Car Parks are making progress in their transformation to become mobility service centres

    The new BSM Ciutadella del Coneixement car park will be the first originally conceived as a mobility services hub.

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  3. Motorbikes now have access to 18 car parks by number plate

    This service will be extended progressively to the other B:SM Car Parks.

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  4. Refrigerated lockers in 4 car parks of the BSM Network

    New grocery collection service together with Mercats de Barcelona.

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  5. Self-service lockers for e-commerce

    Click&Collect lockers installed in some B:SM Car Parks.

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